Best 2-in-1 Laptops 2022: Top Hybrids & Convertibles

If you’re looking for a portable productivity device, a laptop is probably your best bet. If watching videos or mobile gaming is your top priority, opt for a tablet. But what if you want a device that does all these things and much more?

That’s where a 2-in-1 device comes in. In recent years, devices that can operate as both a laptop and a tablet have become increasingly popular. However, a word of warning: you’ll be hard-pressed to find a device that excels at both. 

Samsung’s Galaxy Book Flex 2 or the iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard arguably have the fewest compromises, but they’re also very expensive. For the price of either of these, you could buy both a laptop and tablet and still have change left over. That’s especially once you factor in pricey accessories, but the convenience of a single device may be a big enough appeal.

Some of the devices below run Windows 10, but all are eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 11. What’s more, it can be installed straight away once you set it up.

However, this chart isn’t all about Microsoft’s operating system. Chrome OS and iOS are both represented here, and we also consider Android tablets if they’re good enough once you connect a keyboard.

There’s a range of options here, encompassing a range different designs and price points. If you’re interested in a particular product, it’s worth clicking through to our full review of each to learn more about its strengths and weaknesses. Below the chart, you’ll also find in-depth buying advice detailing what to look for in a 2-in-1 laptop.

Best 2-in-1 laptops and tablets


Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 – Best Overall

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 (2021)

  • Pros
    • Solid performance
    • Great battery life
    • 5G & S-Pen support
  • Cons
    • Relatively expensive
    • Dim display

Samsung’s Galaxy Book Pro 360 is the pick of the bunch when it comes to 2-in-1 devices. The fusion of great design with powerful internals and attractive screen make it the convertible to beat, especially as it’s priced in line with other premium laptops. 

A combination of 11th-gen Intel chips and Iris Xe integrated graphics deliver solid all-round performance, even if there’s no discrete GPU. Battery life is also excellent, rivalling some of the longest-lasting laptops you can buy. Elsewhere, the display provides a rich, vivid viewing experience, even with the resolution capped at 1920×1080.

However, the 360-degree hinge is the big selling point here. It can be adjusted to any angle from regular laptop to tablet, alongside an S-Pen that magnetically attaches to the back of the display. There’s also the option for 5G support, but the competitively-priced 4G will offer everything most people are looking for in a 2-in-1 laptop. This slight extra affordability gives the Pro 360 the edge over other options in this list, most notably Samsung’s own Galaxy Book Flex 2.

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Apple iPad Pro (12.9in 2021) – Best Overall

iPad Pro 12.9in (2021, M1)

  • Pros
    • Superb performance
    • Stunning display
    • Great cameras and battery life
  • Cons
    • Expensive accessories
    • iPadOS doesn’t make full use of M1 chip

Apple doesn’t make MacBooks with a touchscreen, let alone a 360-degree design. However, the iPad Pro is the closest the company has got to a laptop replacement, especially using the new M1 chip. 

Performance is predictably excellent, while the gorgeous 120Hz display is another real highlight. It can also comfortably last 10 hours on a single charge, provided you’re not carrying out demanding tasks.  

Cameras are also the best you’ll find on any tablet, while the iPad Pro retains the ultra-premium design and build we’ve come to expect from the line.

It’s also worth considering the 11in version, but this 12.9in variant comes much closer to replacing your laptop. You will need to pair it with a pricey Magic Keyboard, though, and the iPad Pro is still held back by the limitations of iPadOS. 

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Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 2 – Best Premium

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 2

  • Pros
    • Gorgeous display
    • Solid everyday performance
    • Built-in S-Pen
  • Cons
    • Fiddly trackpad
    • Expensive

The first-gen Galaxy Book Flex remains an extremely impressive 2-in-1 in 2021, but its successor takes things to the next level. 

While the 13.3in AMOLED display and 69.7Wh battery remain unchanged, this is anything but an iterative update. Key upgrades here include the move to 11th-gen Intel chips (which yield a big improvement in battery life), a secondary 13Mp camera and 5G support.

Convertible functionality comes in the form of a 360-degree hinge, which is now much sturdier and more robust. It means the device can be used as a laptop, tablet or in ‘tent mode’ for hands-free viewing.

There’s also the built-in Bluetooth S-Pen, which has shifted to the front  of the device to make way for a newly expanded port selection. One of the three USB-C ports dropped in favour of a USB-A port and full-size HDMI.

However, it’s not all good news. The screen is still only Full HD (1920×1080), while the trackpad is fiddly enough to make a mouse necessary for long-term use.

Then there’s the price, with the Flex 2 starting at £1,649 in the UK. It’s one of the most complete convertible laptops on the market, but you’ll pay for the privilege.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ – Best Windows 2-in-1 Tablet

Microsoft Surface Pro 7+

  • Pros
    • Impressive performance
    • Solid battery life
    • LTE connectivity
  • Cons

The Surface Pro has popularised the tablet with detachable keyboard form factor since it was first introduced, and the Pro 7+ is the best version yet.

Despite being aimed at business and education customers, the device delivers a compelling experience for consumers too. Key upgrades over the regular Pro 7 include a move to Intel’s 11th-gen processors, which combine with Iris Xe integrated graphics and up to 32GB of RAM for excellent performance. 

Connectivity options are just as good, with Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5 support joined by 4G LTE on some models. There’s also a decent port selection and much-improved battery life. 

However, five years after its introduction, the design is starting to look a bit tired. It’s also significantly more expensive (especially once you buy the Type Cover separately), so you may want to opt for the Surface Pro 8 instead.

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Microsoft Surface Book 3 – Best Hybrid Design

Microsoft Surface Book 3

  • Pros
    • Gorgeous display
    • Robust hinge
    • Lots of ports
  • Cons
    • Patchy high-end performance
    • Expensive

It might not have got the best score in the context of the wider laptop market and the lack of upgrades over the previous generation, but the Surface Book 3 really is the ultimate hybrid machine.

Microsoft’s innovative fulcrum hinge allows the screen to fully detach from the keyboard, yet still offers a very secure fit when in laptop mode. As such, it’s really the only device out there that’s truly a laptop and a tablet.There’s plenty more to like about this device, including a stunning display and one of the best keyboards on the market. You also get a choice between 13.5in and 15in screen sizes.

The Book 3 is expensive and isn’t as good for gaming as advertised. But if money is no object and you don’t already own a Surface Book, it’s one of the best 2-in-1s out there. 

It’s also probably the last ever entry in the Surface Book line. Microsoft has replaced it with the Surface Laptop Studio, but that device doesn’t have a detachable screen. 

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HP Chromebook x360 14c – Best 2-in-1 Chromebook

HP Chromebook x360 14c

  • Pros
    • Decent performance
    • Excellent audio
    • Premium internals
  • Cons
    • Reflective display
    • Occasional glitches

It’s not all about Windows devices and iPads where 2-in-1s are concerned though – there are plenty of options if you’re looking for a Chrome OS device. 

HP’s Chromebook x360 is our top pick, combining super-fast performance with a great design and excellent keyboard & trackpad. The Full HD display is another highlight, even if it doesn’t get very bright, while the Bang & Olufsen speakers deliver an excellent audio experience. 

Elsewhere, you also get a great port selection and impressive battery life, all for a price that won’t break the bank. 

If you can look beyond poor outdoor visibility and some occasional bugs, the x360 14c could be a great option for you. Just make sure you’re content with the limitations of Chrome OS. 

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Asus ZenBook Flip S – Best 2-in-1 Display

Asus ZenBook Flip S UX371

  • Pros
    • 4K OLED display
    • Lightweight design
    • Thunderbolt 4 support
  • Cons
    • Some performance throttling
    • No fingerprint sensor
    • Expensive

The ZenBook Flip S might ditch the headphone jack from its predecessor, but it still establishes itself as the go-to premium convertible. 

Among the highlights is a gorgeous 4K OLED display, which offers a rich, colour accurate viewing experience. There’s also Thunderbolt 4 support and a bumper 1TB SSD, all within an extremely thin and light body. 

Unfortunately, that sleek design does impact performance from the 11th-gen Intel chips, with some throttling issues. You also miss out on a fingerprint sensor. 

These may be dealbreakers considering the high asking price, but if money is no object and you’re looking for a premium portable device, the Flip S is a great choice. 

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Lenovo Yoga Slim 9i – Best 2-in-1 Audio

Lenovo Yoga Slim 9i

  • Pros
    • Excellent display
    • Impressive speakers
    • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Cons
    • Frustrating keyboard
    • Not the cheapest

The audio experience is often overlooked on modern laptops, but the excellent speakers on Lenovo’s Yoga Slim 7i deserve special attention. A total of four speakers combine to deliver detailed, rich sound. 

Along with the stunning 4K display, it makes the Slim 7i a superb device for content consumption. Tent mode allows for hands-free viewing, but a 360° hinge means it can also be used as a regular laptop or tablet. 

The device features 11th-gen Intel processors, which combines with Iris Xe integrated graphics and up to 16GB of RAM for solid performance. There’s also a decent port selection (including Thunderbolt 4 support) and impressive battery life, all within a lightweight, robust design.

If you can look beyond the slightly frustrating keyboard, the Slim 9i is a great 2-in-1 option.

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Asus ZenBook Flip 15 – Best 2-in-1 for Creatives

Asus ZenBook Flip 15 (UX563FD)

  • Pros
    • 4K touchscreen
    • Great performance
    • Stylus included in box
  • Cons
    • ScreenPad prone to issues
    • Poor speaker placement

Those with enough cash to splash won’t be disappointed with the ZenBook Flip 15.

Asus has taken its popular ZenBook design and flipped it, literally – the device’s hinges fully rotate. It’s also got an impressive range of specs and gorgeous design.

While it could be a great option for anyone, the ZenBook Flip is primarily aimed at designers. You get a stunning 4K touchscreen here,  along with Asus’ signature ScreenPad, a trackpad that doubles as a secondary display. There’s also a stylus included in the box, great for digital artists or people who want more granular control over their work. 

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Microsoft Surface Go 3 – Best Budget 2-in-1

Microsoft Surface Go 3

  • Pros
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Solid Intel Core i3 performance
    • Great for video calls
  • Cons
    • Poor battery life
    • Dated design
    • Type Cover still costs extra

If you don’t have much money to spend, the Surface Go 3 is an excellent option. It’s one of the smallest devices to run a full version of Windows 11, making the OS more portable than ever.

There aren’t many upgrades here compared to the Surface Go 2. In fact, the only change of note is the introduction of new processors, but impressive performance from the Intel Core i3 chip justifies this move. However, this is likely to take a significant hit on cheaper models.

The 10.5in touchscreen display is excellent, and the video calling experience is very good. But the Go 3 does suffer from poor battery life, while chunky bezels give the impression of an older device. You’ll also need to buy a Type Cover separately to make the most of it.

Nonetheless, if you want a solid tablet experience that avoids the limitations of Android and iOS, the Go 3 is a solid bet.

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