CMF by Nothing: What this new sub-brand means for the company?

Nothing has a new sub-brand called CMF which aims for a clean design, accessibility and trusted quality. Although the company is yet to announce the full form of the acronym, some believe CMF expands to Color, Material, and Finish. But, more importantly, let’s try to understand what this means in this heavily contested smartphone space.

CMF by Nothing: What it means


The new sub-brand is meant to democratize consumer tech like smartphones and associated accessories to the masses. 

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The larger brand will focus on design innovation, premium offerings, and the latest technology. Meanwhile, the CMF brand will cater to trusted quality and clean design that is “very difficult to find” in the affordable segment. 

But couldn’t Nothing do this with its primary brand itself?

In other words:

Nothing: Why a new sub-brand?


Nothing doesn’t want people to see it as a budget brand. The bigger established brands like Samsung may be able to pull off a broad range of products under the same Galaxy brand name.

But at times, people may equate the limitations of lower-end phones to the whole line of phones from a brand. And this could poorly impact the sale of its mid-range and higher-end phones. 

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This may be the fault of a Luddite or the case of poor communication from the brand. But, a new brand like Nothing wouldn’t want to take such a risk.

This move could also immune Nothing from any issues that CMF may have in the future. On the flip side, the revenue from CMF could be put into R&D and marketing for the bigger brand.

But, it’s all just assumptions at this point and too early to predict what the future holds for this sub-brand. We don’t even know its full form yet. 

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