Not just iPhone 15, Apple iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus may also get a type-C port: Report

Apple is all set to launch the iPhone 15 series next month. Amid all the rumours and reports around the much hyped Apple iPhone 15 series, a rather unusual rumour has come about, hinting at new models of the Apple iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. According to a tipster on X (formerly Twitter), Apple may launch new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus models with a USB type-C port instead of lightning. 

A tipster who goes by the name Aaron on X reported that he has found references around two unknown iPhone models in tvOS 17.0 Beta. The tipster also says that these two iPhone models don’t currently exist. The tipster also claimed that there were four other models included in the first beta of tvOS 17, which was removed in the last release. 

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 iPhone 15

Now, according to several reports, Apple is planning to bring the iPhone 15 series with a USB type-C charging port, finally parting ways with the proprietary Lightning ports to charge Apple iPhones. Last year, an Apple executive confirmed that the Cupertino-based giant will bring future iPhone models with a USB type-C port in order to comply with EU regulations. 

While this may not make sense to many users, Apple usually discountinues the Pro and Pro Max models upon the launch of newer iPhones, while keeping the vanilla models available. Given that the company will keep selling the vanilla iPhone and the iPhone 14 Plus, it makes sense to bring the new USB-C charging to the older iPhones as well, in order to keep a unified system across the board in typical Apple fashion.

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 iPhone 15

Recently, images of Apple’s new USB type-C connector also surfaced online, hinting at Apple’s upcoming USB-C ports having a Thunderbolt standard. Now, only the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models are rumoured to support the faster Thunderbolt standard, but it is still good in terms of facilitating faster data transfers. 

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The Apple iPhone 15 series is also reportedly being assembled in India, making it the first time the company is assembling its upcoming smartphones before the launch. This time around, the local assembly is being handled by Tata Group since the Indian conglomerate is said to be acquiring the Wistron factory located in Karnataka.

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