Threads to roll out its website as per reports: Here’s what we expect

Threads, a micro-blogging platform, which was launched on July 5 by Meta, got everyone’s attention and boarded over 100 million users in just a week. Later the micro-blogging platform faced a decline in its users by up to 79%, according to the reports. Today another report came up which suggests a website version of Threads app will be rolled out this week. This could be another move to fight X (formerly Twitter) back. The website version will also benefit users in many ways. The accessibility to the website will be much easier for users and they could also be able to use Threads in Windows as well.

The Wall Street Journal has shared news that Threads will soon be available on the web that lets people use Threads on their computers for the first time. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri had also mentioned earlier that a Threads web version was coming soon.

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Having Threads on the web will help more people use it and also provide more chances to make money over time. When Threads is used on the web, the company Meta can gather more information and track how people use it, which is different from the limited access to data on mobile devices. Right now, Threads doesn’t have any advertisements.

This is also good news for businesses. They can more easily handle Threads profiles on their computers instead of using their personal phones to log into company accounts.

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As for now, there is still a Threads website if you search it, which shows a QR code to download the app from Playstore or Appstore. 

This will help design a rough blueprint of how threads will unfold in the market, it will be interesting to see how it includes or ignores X (Twitter’s) certain features that were enjoyed by its DAUs 

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