iPhone 15 Pro Max might get delayed by 3-4 weeks due to Apple’s production issues

Apple just recently released an announcement poster finally confirming the iPhone 15 event date. Called the ‘Wonderlust’ the event will take place on September 12, 2023. However, all’s not well with this upcoming series as Apple is still dealing with production delays. With the Apple event confirmed on September 12th, we’re all excited to see what Apple has to offer with the iPhone 15 series and we cannot wait to get our hands on it. But it turns out that all iPhone 15 models will not be available for sale at the same time as Apple is still facing production issues.

In a recent report, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has shared some updates on iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro. But all is not the best news. He has revealed that the iPhone 15 Pro Max was the last project to kick off. What does this mean for us now? It suggests that the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s mass production value is much lesser than the other iPhone 15 variants. This also means that the iPhone 15 Pro Max phones could see a delay of 3-4 weeks before going to sale.

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 iPhone 15 Pro

According to Kuo’s revelations, Apple is struggling with the new titanium frame material which they are using for the iPhone 15 Pro lineup. And the challenge here is that it has high processing difficulties and there were various design changes too during the development phase.

One such change was the cancellation of the solid-state button project. You might remember that Apple was initially planning to get rid of the volume buttons and the mute switch and replace them with the solid-state button project. But they said bye bye to the plan in the middle of the development phase owing to production issues. And since this decision was made quite late it led to a lot of production delays.

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 iPhone 15 Pro

So we’ll have to wait for more updates and finally we’ll get to know the whole plan on September 12th. As of now, preorders are expected to go live on September 15th.

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