Google makes fun of iPhone 15’s rumoured design

Apple’s event Wonderlust is just around the corner and everyone is watching closely, even Apple’s biggest competitors. There’s a long history of Apple’s competitors roasting it and the latest to join the line is Google. In its latest Pixel ad, Google has taken a swipe at the rumoured iPhone design.

As Apple could possibly announce the iPhone 15 series on September 12, 2023. With that spirit in mind, Google, one of Apple’s competitors, has mocked the plans that Apple has with this series.

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 iPhone 15

So, the biggest and the most hoped for rumour this year with the Apple iPhone 15 series is that Apple is finally saying goodbye to the legacy lightning port and swapping it for the universal USB Type-C port. Well this was long overdue too.  And that’s what Google pulled Apple’s leg for.

Google launched its #BestPhonesForever campaign. With that, it launched a new Pixel Ad called Spa Day. The ad features both the iPhone and Pixel chilling at a spa. Their cameras are also covered with cucumbers. And the two phones are talking. iPhone laments how its launch events used to be huge but now have been taken over by Pixel as it offers new features like “unblurring old photos, answering unknown calls with AI, and live translating messages”. 

 iPhone 15

But then the iPhone mentions how it has some nice things to offer too, like the USB C port. But turns out the Pixel already knew about it.

The ad has already gained 33M views on YouTube and users are loving this creative ad where the two phones have been depicted as best friends.

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Apple has yet not confirmed if it will announce the iPhone 15 series during its Wonderlust event on September 12. We are now just counting days to know what Apple has to really offer.

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