iPhone user wins case against Apple, got ₹25,000 and a new iPhone too

In Dharamshala, a district of Himachal Pradesh, an Apple iPhone user faced issues with network and camera. The iPhone user took that problem to the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission after the company asked him to pay for the repair, that too when the iPhone was under warranty. This caused the tech-giant to pay the iPhone user some amount and more as a compensation. Here’s what happened.

According to a report by Mashable India, an iPhone user, Pankaj from Kangra, Dharamshala, got this iPhone as a gift from Saudi Arabia. Which iPhone model was that ? It hasn’t been revealed yet. Pankaj has faced the network and camera issues in a very short time. When he took his iPhone to the Apple service centre, he was told to pay for the repair because the warranty of his smartphone was of no use. Although Pankaj’s iPhone was still in warranty. 

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Furthermore, the service centre told Pankaj that these issues were caused because of the internal damage, which could happen from potential tampering. Since the repair centre declared this an intentional damage, it couldn’t be repaired under warranty. 

The iPhone user refused to have the device repaired out-of-warranty and took this issue to the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission. There, the tech company couldn’t provide evidence that Pankaj’s iPhone had been intentionally damaged, and as a result, Pankaj received compensation. 

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The court asked Apple to pay Pankaj an amount of ₹25,000, ₹10,000 compensation and ₹15,000 litigation expenses. Along with this amount, Apple was also told to replace the iPhone.

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In conclusion, Pankaj won the case against Apple and got a new iPhone and ₹25,000 as compensation. 

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