iPhone 15 Pro to launch with 128GB storage? Check new rumours ahead of launch

Another rumour about the iPhone 15 has emerged on the internet, suggesting that it will include a 128GB variant for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, similar to the iPhone 14 Pro models. It seems that Apple will maintain this storage configuration for the upcoming release. Previously, there were rumours of a price hike for all four iPhone 15 models, but according to this new report, there’s a twist. What’s even more intriguing is that despite launching with 128GB storage, the iPhone 15 Pro might not see a price increase.

9to5Mac reported on a research note from a TrendForce analyst, indicating that the iPhone 15 Pro may indeed come with 128GB of storage. However, this contradicts previous reports of a price hike. According to this new report, the iPhone 15 Pro will be priced at $999, the same as the iPhone 14 Pro. On the other hand, the high-end model, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, featuring 128GB storage, may see a $100 price increase compared to last year, potentially launching at $1199.

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iPhone 15

Earlier, there was a report suggesting that the iPhone 15 Pro might debut with 2TB of storage. However, TrendForce contradicts this rumor as well. According to a research note from TrendForce, the iPhone 15 Pro models are expected to offer up to 1TB of storage, just like last year.

Additionally, there are hints of a potential RAM upgrade for the iPhone 15 Pro. While the iPhone 14 Pro featured 6GB of RAM last year, the tech giant could be introducing the iPhone 15 Pro with 8GB of RAM.

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iPhone 15

The price hike speculation arose on the internet based on the alleged inclusion of a titanium frame and periscope lens in iPhone 15 Pro models. Both of these components are relatively expensive, so if Apple indeed incorporates the Titanium frame and Periscope lens in the iPhone 15 Pro, a price hike is a possibility

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Source 2: TrendForce

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