iPhone 14 Emergency SOS via satellite helped two hikers trapped in heavy rainfall

Apple iPhone 14’s Emergency SOS via satellite feature has helped to save two hikers in New Zealand who were trapped because of the rising water levels as a result of the high rain runoff.

According to a report by AppleInsider, two hikers who were trapped on a riverbank in New Zealand’s Arthur’s Pass National Park used the Emergency SOS via satellite feature on their iPhone 14 to receive help.

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Water levels at the Sudden Valley Stream in Arthur’s Pass started to rise to a dangerous level as a result of the area’s high rain runoff. The hikers were unable to navigate around or through the danger and used the iPhone 14’s Emergency SOS by satellite capability to get help.

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Apple iPhone 14

The rescue operation of the hikers was operated by New Zealand air and rescue ambulance operator GCH Aviation and Canterbury West Air Rescue Service. Canterbury confirmed its involvement in this rescue operation via its Instagram account.

“Did you know that an iPhone 14 has an SOS feature that can connect via satellite and alert authorities if you become lost or injured out in the backcountry?” Canterbury wrote, “Yesterday we were able to respond to some hikers stranded in a river because they had this technology with them.”

Apple’s Emergency SOS via satellite feature had helped to save users many times. Earlier this year, the feature helped to save two tourists who got lost in an area without cellphone signal during an outing in the Apennine Mountains. Fortunately, they had an iPhone 14 which provided them the option to call for help via a satellite text message. They were then rescued by the local fire department. 

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Also, a hiker in California’s Angeles National Forest was rescued with the help of her iPhone 14’s Emergency SOS via satellite feature.

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