3 things that make the new iPhone 15 look old and dated

With the all-new Apple iPhone 15 series, some people are getting really excited, while others remain indifferent. Two factors elevate the excitement of Apple fans: the inclusion of a 48-megapixel primary camera and the Dynamic Island in the standard models this year. These features were first introduced in the Apple iPhone 14 Pro models and were exclusive to those smartphones until now. However, for some, this isn’t enough for a ₹79,900 smartphone.

Apple’s primary competitor, Samsung, launched the Galaxy S23 series in February. The standard model, Galaxy S23, launched at ₹74,999 and offers more than the iPhone 15. For instance, Samsung boasts a 120Hz refresh rate display, whereas Apple sticks with a 60Hz display in its latest iPhone 15 series. Furthermore, brands like iQOO and Infinix offer 144Hz displays in smartphones that cost considerably less than the iPhone 15.

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 iPhone 15

Many people purchase iPhones for their exceptional cameras, but it’s a disappointment for those interested in professional photography. Last year, with the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, Apple introduced the ProRes mode for videos and ProRAW mode for pictures, catering to professional photographers. Unfortunately, these features are only available in the Pro models, whereas Samsung, as an Android smartphone, offers a Pro mode for professional photography with the Samsung Galaxy S23.

If you still wish to use Pro mode on iPhones’ standard smartphones, you can download third-party apps such as Adobe Lightroom. However, spending thousands of rupees on a smartphone just to use Pro mode in third-party applications doesn’t seem justified to me.

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 iPhone 15

One more feature Apple should consider for its iPhone series is Fast Charging. Many of us had anticipated fast-charging support this year due to the rumoured USB Type-C port. However, even this year, Apple did not announce fast-charging support in its iPhone 15 series. Meanwhile, Chinese brands offer up to 120-watt fast charging support in their mid-range smartphones.

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