iPhone 12 sale has been shockingly banned in France: Here’s why

French regulators have ordered Apple to stop the sale of iPhone 12 devices due to concerns that they exceed the European Union’s permissible limits for electromagnetic radiation emissions. However, the company disputed the findings and said that the device adheres to regulatory standards.

According to a report by The Associated Press, the French government agency responsible for overseeing wireless communication frequencies issued this order following the iPhone 12’s recent failure in one of the two tests for electromagnetic waves that can be absorbed by the human body.

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French regulators

The reasons behind the phone’s failure in the latest round of tests and why it was only that specific model, which was launched in late 2020, remain unclear. 


France’s digital minister said that the radiation levels emitted by the iPhone 12 are still significantly below the levels identified by scientific studies as potentially harmful to users. Furthermore, the agency conducting the tests also itself acknowledges that their assessments may not accurately reflect typical phone usage conditions.

Earlier this week, the National Frequency Agency called on Apple, urging the tech giant to “implement all available means to rapidly fix this malfunction”. Additionally, the agency stated that it would closely monitor device updates. If these updates fail to address the problem,  “Apple will have to recall”  smartphones that have already been sold.

“The agency recently tested 141 cellphones and found that when the iPhone 12 is held in a hand or carried in a pocket, its level of electromagnetic energy absorption is 5.74 watts per kilogram, higher than the EU standard of 4 watts per kilogram,” the report said.

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According to Jean-Noel Barrot, France’s minister in charge of digital issues, the iPhone 12’s radiation levels are “slightly higher” than EU standards but “significantly lower than levels where scientific studies consider there may be consequences for users. But the rule is the rule.”

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