Android users will be able to transfer eSIM cards by simply scanning QR Code: Report

eSIMs are surging in popularity, not only on phones but also on wearables, IoT devices, and automobiles. This surge is understandable as eSIMs offer enhanced convenience, flexibility, and even heightened security. Thus, it’s logical that Google is actively working on improving eSIM support for Android smartphones.

The company had previously announced that it is working on making eSIM transfer easier on Android. It is working on new technology that will allow users to quickly and securely migrate their mobile plan to a new device, eliminating the need to physically swap SIM cards. Google also mentioned that this technology will be based on GSMA standards to ensure proper security and compatibility across different networks and devices. 


Apple already has a tool that helps users seamlessly transfer eSIMs between two iPhones or other Apple devices. However, Android doesn’t offer a native option for this purpose. Now, 9TO5Google has discovered that the new Google tool will be based on scanning QR codes, which sounds quite convenient. Hopefully, this feature will be integrated into the setup process and will be functional across different platforms.

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eSIM is the way forward? 

eSIMs are on track to replace physical SIM cards. They’re already a hit in smartwatches with cellular features. Last year, Apple even released a US-only iPhone 14 that only uses eSIM. There are also rumours that Google might do away with regular SIM cards for its upcoming Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, at least in some regions. 

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Various eSIM implementations exist, such as hardware-based soldered eSIM and iSIM. A recent report by Counterpoint projects a shipment of over 6 billion eSIM devices in the next 5 years. Android smartphones are set to make up a substantial portion of these numbers. It’s prudent for Google to streamline its eSIM efforts at this early stage of adoption

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